26. 01. 2018.

The best collegues of 2017 in Nelt Mozambique

The announcement of The Best Colleague in Mozambique was held at the end of December 2017. The process of announcement within entire Nelt Group lasted for more than a month, and with the announcement in Mozambique, it is successfully closed. Felix Marcos Magagula and Crimildo Garrine are The Best Colleagues! 
As well as in Angola and Zambia, it was also the first time that „The search for The Best Colleague“ was organized in Nelt Mozambique. The feedback was remarkable, so it is no surprise that the two colleagues were chosen as ambassadors of company values, as they both got the same number of praises from their co-workers. They are Felix, Administrative assistant and Crimildo, Sales representative.
Overall impressions of the campaign were positive, and it is shown that „The search for The Best Colleague“ has improved motivation among the employees.