Nelt in Africa


Nelt Angola LDA was officially registered on 29 October 2010 in Luanda and started its business in March 2011. Due to its commitment and invested efforts, it became a successful and stable company, recognizable as one of the leading companies in the distribution segment. Apart from the offices, Nelt Angola LDA now owns its warehouse space covering more than 7,000 square metres, over a hundred of local employees and a team of experienced expats that develop both the knowledge and skills of the local organization on daily bases. The business activity is organized through four sales divisions, Food, Non-Food, Beverage and Electrical Appliances distributing the goods to over 4,000 customers. Over the course of several years, the portfolio has diversified and now it consists of more than 300 products and 7 principals: Procter&Gamble, Nestle, Wrigley, Unted Spirits Limited, Whirlpool, Tiger Brands. Neoplanta, a member of Nelt Group, started to export its goods, meat products to Angola in June 2012, and so became the only meat industry in Serbia that has made a breakthrough into the market of Sub-Saharan Africa. In 2014, we started yet another business activity – providing marketing services, design and advertising solutions in printing, vehicle branding and advertising material production, which expanded the range of the services we provide to our principals and all other interested clients. In June 2014, the first branch office was opened in south Angola, in the Benguela town. This enabled the greater coverage of Angola’s market, i.e. its southern provinces, with the products from our portfolio. We are constantly working on finding new products suitable for this specific market.

After successfully establishing the company in Angola, Nelt met another challenge – to establish a company in Zambia. Nelt Zambia Limited was officially registered in April 2012 in Lusaka, Zambia’s economical and political centre, and the first delivery of the Procter&Gamble products was made as early as in June 2012. Today, Nelt cooperates with all key accounts in the country (Spar, Game - Wallmart, Shoprite, Pick'n'Pay) and for now, supplies them with the portfolio of the principal P&G, with such brands like: Gillette, Always and Pampers, Duracell, Pantene, Head&Shoulders, Ariel, Raid, Glade, Baygon, Duck, Pledge, Mr Muscle, Kiwi. Nelt Co’s office and warehouse space covers 2,600 square metres in total. The company has more than thirty local employees, as well as three expats. „Nelt Cluster in Africa covers also Zimbabve and Malavi, currently supplied through sub-distributors.“

After establishing companies in Angola and Zambia, Nelt launched operations in another African market - Mozambique. Nelt Mozambique Limitada was officially registered in early 2013 in Maputo and the first delivery of the Procter&Gamble products was made in May 2013. In a short period of time, successful cooperation was established with all key customers such as Game - Wallmart, Spar, Shoprite, Cogef, as well as with the leading wholesalers. Currently, Nelt Mozambique Limitada distributes products of three principals - Procter&Gamble,Mars and Wrigley. The featured brands are: Pampers, Always, Gillette, Duracell, Safegurad, Mars, Twix, Bounty, Snickers, M&M, Orbit. Nelt Mozambique Limited has offices and a storage space covering 3,500 square metres, three employees from the Balkans and twenty local employees. After successfully establishing companies in Angola and Zambia, Nelt entered into Mozambique with even more self-confidence, quickly utilizing all of its potentials and experience from other African markets.