Our Employees

We at Nelt know that the business success is in fact the success of the people. That is why we strive to hire, develop and retain top talent, as well as to create a pleasant and supportive work environment within the Company that will inspire employees in their daily work.
We pay close attention to employ people who will contribute to our success the most.
We are continuously looking for new ways to get closer to potential future employees, through presentations at Universities and direct contact with students, participating at employment fairs and through our web site where anyone interested in job at Nelt can apply. The selection of new staff is done by combining different selection techniques (tests, interviews...) always keeping in mind our core values and job requirements, to ensure that we hire the right people.
Taking initiative, teamwork, commitment, professionalism and winning mentality are values and attitudes that we appreciate and want to develop with all of our employees because we think they are the basis of excellence and progress. Furthermore, we are aware of the importance of motivated staff therefore, professional development of employees is one of our priorities. The internal training team is active throughout the year on advancement of knowledge and skills of our staff.
Promotion of employees within the company is one of the most important Nelt’s principles and we pride ourselves on the fact that all our managers have been promoted from lower positions in the company. Our employees know that quality work and taking the initiative lead to higher positions.