Trade Marketing

We are focused on continuous promotion of our customers' business by providing quality services, joint planning and organizing of activities aimed at achieving best business results and meeting the needs of end consumers. 
The sale is organized on a territorial and functional basis, taking into account the type and structure of the customers. In all the markets where we operate we have full coverage of main sales channels and facilities. All employees in the wholesale sector, starting with the arrangers and promoters, through resellers and managers are trained to the standards and methods of our foreign partners.
To further help these products to find their way from the shelves to the consumer baskets, we provide our partners also with the trade marketing services. They are reflected in merchandizing the products on the shelves, designing and organizing promotional activities, production of advertising material and providing feedback from the field. To this end, our creative team is able to fulfill every wish and turn ideas into reality and contribute to better sale of products we distribute.