Social responsibility

Our policy of social responsibility is primarily based on ethical operations and the aim to help create a better environment for our employees, partners and the wider social community, along with achieving good business results and a high degree of responsibility towards the environment.
The products we distribute maintain a high and constant quality and the whole of our business is focused on meeting the demands of clients and consumers. All our facilities are designed and constructed in a manner that ensures protection of the environment, and company-wide observation and implementation of all labor safety measures.
The cooperation with partners is built exclusively on mutual respect and trust.
A contribution to improvement of the quality of life of our employees and the whole of the local community was and will remain one of our most important goals and principles in making business decisions.
We pay special attention to children through various types of support. Our latest socially responsible operations includes support and providing of new opportunities to the most talented students of faculties in the Balkans. Various projects included students of Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Applied arts, Faculty of Music arts of Belgrade University.

CSR activities in Angola
Being known for its CSR commitment: "Ensuring a better quality of life for everyone, now and for generations to come", Procter & Gamble has initiated a series of the activities in Angola. As P&G’s distributors and partners worldwide, Nelt has offered its full support in managing and organizing the implementation of the CSR activities. With the Ministries of Health and Education we have aranged for P&G to engage in the following initiatives:
Pampers health educational program
In order to touch and improve peoples’ lives we have organized presentations in maternities held by the nurses, during which are provided with the information related to skin care, personal hygiene, vaccination, nutrition, breastfeeding etc. We also give away free samples of Pampers and a booklet with guidance for life with a newly born.
Ariel on the water points
Water points are places in Angola where people can get water for daily domestic use. On these points we have organized presentations of Ariel quality and performance and given Ariel samples to the ladies.
Always educational program
We have started an educative program for the girls in school across Angola. A trained nurse gives lectures on the related topics to the girls and they receive Always packages including educational brochures. The program has a as a goal to raise awareness of the importance of feminine personal hygiene and health.