• Food_Logistics_warehouse_truck.jpg 26. 05. 2017.


    Balkan region is now connected to the European Food Network. 
    NELT, distribution, logistics and trade marketing leader in the region of Western Balkan, established cooperation with the largest food logistics network in Europe. A weekly transport line connects the European food exporters with the markets in Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Also the food exporters in the Western Balkan region are profiting from this new cooperation. They now have access to ...
  • DSC_6607.JPG 26. 05. 2017.


    Arrival of a cargo train from the port of Piraeus in Greece to NELT’s intermodal railway terminal in Dobanovci marked the official beginning of the cooperation between the Chinese shipping and logistics company COSCO (China Ocean Shipping Group) and NELT. COSCO, being one of the global leaders in the area of logistics, recognised Nelt’s intermodal terminal in Belgrade as a logistics hub in the Balkans, thanks to its excellent location, and technical and technological advantages. 
  • Logo_SC_Johnson.jpg 25. 05. 2017.

    S. C. Johnson new principal in Angola

    American multinational company S. C. Johnson became a new principal of NELT in Angola. The famous global brands of this company such as Baygon, Glade, Mr. Muscle, Duck, Kiwi have now become a part of portfolio of articles which shall be distributed in the Angolan market. By distributing Baygon, which is in Angola considered to be the spray insecticide no. 1 against mosquitoes, NELT Angola significantly contributes to the fight against malaria. The first container from South Africa was disp...

  • 20170425_104940_1493131697294_resized.jpg 05. 05. 2017.

    Robert Jenovai, Nelt Co's Executive Director, gave a presentation ”How to Do Business with Sub-Saharan Africa conference” in Belgrade

    Robert Jenovai,Nelt Co's Executive Director, gave a presentation to launch the How to Do Business with Sub-Saharan Africa conference, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia. Our company is also the only participating company from Serbia, while the rest of the participants were representatives of African companies and embassies. 
    The April 25 conference focused on the development of Africa’s business potential. That this is a prosperous market is also demonstr...
  • Mars_2.jpg 07. 12. 2016.

    Nelt Receives Recognition from Mars for Outstanding Contribution in International Transport Services

    Nelt has won an important recognition awarded by its long-time principal Mars, for its excellence in the provision of international transport services in Europe. This award acknowledges the high quality in the provision of international transport services and flexibility in cooperation.

    International transport is part of Nelt’s logistics services segment. Nelt Logistics Service Provider (Nelt LSP) includes the following services: warehousing, customs clearance, distribution, and va...