• Camilla_infonelt.jpg 03. 05. 2018.

    INTERVIEW Camilla Banda: "I am going back home with the best impressions about Serbia"

    We spent a day with our colleague from Nelt Zambia, who was our guest in Serbia, this April. Camilla Banda joined our company in February 2018 as Merchandiser Team Leader and HR business partner. Her job includes supporting merchandisers all across Zambia, through education and diverse activities from HR perspective. Because of this dynamic role, Camilla’s objective in Belgrade was to get as much information and knowledge as possible in the fields of human resources, sales and communicatio...

  • 366x500_VIRTUS_NAGRADA_SLIKA_78636.jpg 24. 03. 2018.

    VIRTUS award for Nelt Educational Programme

    Our company received the prestigious VIRTUS award of the Trag Foundation for long-term partnership between the business and the non-profit sector for the Nelt educational Programme, which had been implemented since 2013 in cooperation with G12 HUB and Nova Iskra organisation.


    The programme combines formal education, start-up tendencies and skills that employers look for and brings together renowned experts from our country and the world. From economics and entrepreneurship, throu...

  • 20180123_082205.jpg 26. 01. 2018.

    The best collegues of 2017 in Nelt Mozambique

    The announcement of The Best Colleague in Mozambique was held at the end of December 2017. The process of announcement within entire Nelt Group lasted for more than a month, and with the announcement in Mozambique, it is successfully closed. Felix Marcos Magagula and Crimildo Garrine are The Best Colleagues! 
    As well as in Angola and Zambia, it was also the first time that „The search for The Best Colleague“ was organized in Nelt Mozambique. The feedback was remarkable, so it is ...
  • Valdir_Antonio.jpg 23. 01. 2018.

    Best Colleague for 2017 in Nelt Angola

    Nelt Angola held the Ceremony of the announcement of the Best Colleague on December 22, 2017. The event was attended by approximately 70 employees at our facilities in Viana.

    This initiative, was the result of a campaign process for the election of the Best Colleague, which lasted one month. During the campaign, everyone was anxious to know who would be the chosen one in the collective. Without a doubt, it was a unique and special occasion! All had the opportunity to freely choose the ...

  • Fotografija_za_vest.jpg 10. 01. 2018.

    The Best Colleague of 2017 in Nelt Zambia

    The Announcement of the Best Colleague for 2017 was held at Nelt’s premises in the warehouse in Lusaka. Around twenty employees attended and gave support to Billiards Miti, the Best Colleague by their own choice. 

    At the end of 2017, the campaign „The search fot the Best Colleague“ was organized for the first time in Nelt in Africa. Employees got a chance to praise their best colleagues and explain which values and behaviour they appreciate the most about them. After one month, the col...