• dr_oetker_logo.jpg 04. 06. 2018.

    Dr. Oetker products in Nelt portfolio in Angola

    Nelt Angola started the distribution of new products of Dr. Oetker in April 2018. Research shows that this brand occupies a leading position among the most reliable brands globally.

    It is a well-known brand worldwide, with large assortment of products, carefully tested and prepared to the strict international quality standard.

    Currently, Nelt Angola is in a first phase and distributing 23 products. These compose the new portfolio ranging from jelly, chocolate powder, baking powder...

  • G_Medical_Infonelt.jpg 31. 05. 2018.

    G. Medical is a new principal in Nelt Angola

    Products of local manufacturer G.Medical have been part of Nelt Angola portfolio as of April 2018.

    G.Medical has been operating in the field of pharmaceuticals industry. They have been continuously improving medical protection in Angola and exercising innovative market approach. Total portfolio, consisting of 24 products has already been distributed to more than 500 wholesalers and traditional traders in Luanda and Benguela, and tends to increase in the number of customers. Some of th...

  • FB_post_Dobar_Start.png 09. 05. 2018.

    We are looking for the best candidates for "Dobar start" programme in Serbia

    The candidates for the new generation of  "Dobar start" programme for 2018/2019 can send in their applications by May 30, 2018. The attendees will be chosen in a careful selection process. We are inviting all interested senior undergraduates, final year students or master students from Serbia to learn about the necessary application conditions.

    The “Dobar start“ programme was initiated in 2015, with the purpose of enabling young, successful and ambitious students and senior undergradu...

  • Camilla_infonelt.jpg 03. 05. 2018.

    INTERVIEW Camilla Banda: "I am going back home with the best impressions about Serbia"

    We spent a day with our colleague from Nelt Zambia, who was our guest in Serbia, this April. Camilla Banda joined our company in February 2018 as Merchandiser Team Leader and HR business partner. Her job includes supporting merchandisers all across Zambia, through education and diverse activities from HR perspective. Because of this dynamic role, Camilla’s objective in Belgrade was to get as much information and knowledge as possible in the fields of human resources, sales and communicatio...

  • 366x500_VIRTUS_NAGRADA_SLIKA_78636.jpg 24. 03. 2018.

    VIRTUS award for Nelt Educational Programme

    Our company received the prestigious VIRTUS award of the Trag Foundation for long-term partnership between the business and the non-profit sector for the Nelt educational Programme, which had been implemented since 2013 in cooperation with G12 HUB and Nova Iskra organisation.


    The programme combines formal education, start-up tendencies and skills that employers look for and brings together renowned experts from our country and the world. From economics and entrepreneurship, throu...