09. 05. 2018.

We are looking for the best candidates for "Dobar start" programme in Serbia

The candidates for the new generation of  "Dobar start" programme for 2018/2019 can send in their applications by May 30, 2018. The attendees will be chosen in a careful selection process. We are inviting all interested senior undergraduates, final year students or master students from Serbia to learn about the necessary application conditions.

The “Dobar start“ programme was initiated in 2015, with the purpose of enabling young, successful and ambitious students and senior undergraduates to develop their business skills in the sales area and thus specialise in working at Key Account Manager position. In the course of eight months, the attendees will get an opportunity to work at several positions within the sales sector and acquire knowledge through working with mentors, job shadowing and formal trainings and workshops.

A well-defined system of moving through an organisation provides for understanding the responsibilities of each individual position, easier adjustment to the position which follows, and most importantly, gaining a wider overview on overall functioning of sales within a large business system.