23. 01. 2018.

Best Colleague for 2017 in Nelt Angola

Nelt Angola held the Ceremony of the announcement of the Best Colleague on December 22, 2017. The event was attended by approximately 70 employees at our facilities in Viana.

This initiative, was the result of a campaign process for the election of the Best Colleague, which lasted one month. During the campaign, everyone was anxious to know who would be the chosen one in the collective. Without a doubt, it was a unique and special occasion! All had the opportunity to freely choose the best colleague from a behavioral or professional point of view. The election was considerable because about 55 workers voted and the one who got the largest number of praises was Mr. Valdir Antonio, Senior Van Supervisor.

Everyone was delighted by the excellent choice, and one of the predominant qualities that contributed to this election was `Humility and Team Work´. The campaign served as an incentive for the other colleagues to take an introspection in our deals inside and outside the organizational space.