10. 01. 2018.

The Best Colleague of 2017 in Nelt Zambia

The Announcement of the Best Colleague for 2017 was held at Nelt’s premises in the warehouse in Lusaka. Around twenty employees attended and gave support to Billiards Miti, the Best Colleague by their own choice. 

At the end of 2017, the campaign „The search fot the Best Colleague“ was organized for the first time in Nelt in Africa. Employees got a chance to praise their best colleagues and explain which values and behaviour they appreciate the most about them. After one month, the colleague who had gotten the lagrest number of praises was – Billards Miti.

Billards is one of the 76 employees in Nelt Zambia and his co-workers say that he is a good choice, because of his noticable contribution to the company, and because he knows how to work in a team.

The general opinion is that introduction of this campaign to Nelt Zambia has proved to be a motivation to all employees.