05. 10. 2017.

First branches in Mozambique and Zambia

"Beira" branch in Mozambique started its operations in September this year. Branch "Kitwe" located in a town of the same name in Zambia, officially started to work this October. "Beira" and "Kitwe" are  the first regional branches in these two countries. Beira is the second largest city in Mozambique, located in the central area of the country. Kitwe belongs to an industrial part of Zambia and also holds position of a second largest city in its own country. This step was defined as improvement in achieving our company's vision in this countries.


For „Beira“ the preparation process took about two months and the first invoice was delivered exactly on September 8, which marked the first working day of this branch.  The branch includes 1000 m² warehouse premises, offices which take up an area of approximately 100 m², and a 100 m² cold room. Position of this branch enables us to reach customers in the central and northern part of the country in a much faster and more efficient way than until now.


As for "Kitwe", the first invoice was printed on October 5th for a local buyer Fashion Emporio LTD. City of Kitwe is located 352 km to the north of Lusaka and belongs to an industrial part of Zambia. In terms of size, it is the second largest town in the country with a population of 700.000 inhabitants.